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Do-do birds and Model Ts: Another revelation in Uganda

Ugandan days are like dog years; one day here seems like a week at home. How long have I been awake? What have I done today? The never ending road trip to Gulu. My soul-renovating afternoon with Innocent and Sister Rosemary. My complete gut-punch, perception-redefining epiphany in the ensuing hours.

I found a jewel in Africa

His name is Innocent. He's 8 years old, and his body is misshapen. In the place of arms, Innocent has short stumps, one of which has a small usable appendage. His left leg is shorter than the right by a few inches, causing him to run on his toes. When he slows, he staggers like an Old West gunslinger, sauntering down the street. But Innocent rarely slows.

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby never traveled this road

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby traveled a lot of roads together. During the 1940s and 1950s, the crooning duo traversed the Road to Singapore, the Road to Zanzibar and a smattering of other exotic roads in a series of classic Hollywood films. Each road inevitably leads the pair on a wacky misadventure that inevitably includes the lovely Dorothy Lamour.

Cranes, goats and chickens - not the animals I expected to find in Uganda

Last night, the small club down the hill boomed 1980s and '90s music - early Whitney Houston, Bryan Adams and Boyz II Men - until the wee hours of the morning. It was like listening to the longest 8th grade dance ever. I fell asleep smiling ... and singing along.

My solution for surviving Ugandan traffic: Carrie Underwood

Driving in Ugandan traffic will change your life; mostly because you'll constantly see it flash before your eyes. Imagine this: Take the majority of Kampala's 1.7 million people and put half of them on the road - in one form or another - at the same time.

Life on the equator (Day 3)

Today, I woke up in paradise. Last night's drive in from the airport offered little in the way of visual perspective. The morning sun, however, reveals the truth of Uganda's natural beauty.

Day 2 ... I think

The flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe (pronounced in-teb-a), Uganda, is about eight hours. I remember very little of it.

Having a little skin in the game

The reality of traveling to Uganda didn't really sink in until April 4 - shot day. Before that, the process had consisted of passport paperwork and purchasing plane tickets (which someone else did for me).

A Noble calling

If you need to find Steve Swigert, most days he'll be working in the Noble Research Institute's Agricultural Division. Weave through the building to the back hallway and there's his office. You'll know it's his, because some of the pictures and knickknacks seemingly don't match the man or the industry.

Landed in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam airport has that distinctive European feel. Slick marketing billboards strategically position their wares on every corner. Hipsters with skinny jeans and coiffed hair saunter nowhere in particular. And our party has found the airport McDonald's and Starbucks. This will be the last taste of the West for a while.