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Water for Life

Working with Australian agriculturalists to expand the irrigation system on Watoto's vegetable farm.

A week with the chickens

It's been a week of hard work fixing up Watoto's poultry farm, making it one of the most modern in the country.

Seeing those around you

The many ways to break down cultural and language barriers.

A trip north: Gulu, Amuru and Omer Farming Company

I was fortunate enough to visit the northern part of Uganda this past week, specifically Gulu and the outskirts of Amuru. It was a long (six hours), bumpy and physically exhausting car ride.

A chicken crisis and chance to understand culture

I followed Moses, who is the team leader over each farm supervisor, today. We went out to the grain mill/storage to fix some issues. Today was a learning day for me. I learned about issues that surround agriculture here.

First week in Watoto

It has been quite a week in Uganda. Jet lag affected me more than I thought... Who knew the nine-hour time difference could make a person exhausted in the early afternoon and wide awake at 2 a.m.? But this is the view I get to wake up to every morning.

Waiting for the experience of a lifetime

As I've prepared for and begun this journey, I've found there are so many different types of waiting. The waiting I experienced in the weeks leading up to my departure date was a mindless frenzy of list-making, training, shopping, crossing off the list-making. It was a numb-type of waiting where I hadn't allowed the experience to become real in my mind yet.

Get sick. Be still. Find some peace.

I'm sick. I'm not under the weather. I'm not feeling a little off. I'm in four-alarm, green-gilled, holy moly sick. My stomach and intestines are in a battle royal with my other internal organs and they're losing. Badly.

On the road again

Each day here my enthusiasm seems refreshed with the rising sun. Our small team spends the morning assisting Judy and Lorenda with some knickknack chores around Gulu guest house.

From ashes and blood

If you haven't read about Joseph Kony, let me give you the Cliffs Notes version. Kony leads the Lord's Resistance Army. (That's present tense. In other words, he's still alive and free. After you read the next few sentences, you're going to be sick that, as a species, we have not rounded up this whack-a-doo and put him in a dark hole somewhere.)