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Simple Seed Coating with Peptides Leads to Big Plant Growth Improvement

Researchers at Noble are exploring the potential for native small peptides to be applied as seed coatings to enhance plant growth and return carbon back to the soil. By studying the effects of these peptides, they expect to expand knowledge that will lead to building better native grasses and legumes and to supporting grazing in marginal soils with reduced fertility and water.

Seeing the Calcium in Plant Root Cells Could Benefit Growth on Earth and in Space

Researchers at Noble are developing tools to better understand how roots sense their environment, including the soil in which they grow. By studying calcium as a carrier of messages within the root, they expect to build knowledge that will lead to grazing lands that are more resilient to harsh environments.

Laying Deeper Roots on Earth and Beyond

Researchers at Noble are gaining a better understanding of how deep and in what direction plant roots grow. Their hope is to provide knowledge that enables breeding of plants better able to utilize limited water and nutrient resources with the help of deeper roots.  

Fungus Could Boost Winter Wheat Productivity, Improve Soil and Conserve Water

Serendipita bescii can improve root development and increase overall forage biomass and grain yield in winter wheat, especially in nutritionally poor soil and limited water conditions.

Fewer Roots for Deeper Rooting and Greater Fertilizer Uptake?

Researchers at the Noble Research Institute have discovered how differences in root systems can result in deeper rooting, greater nitrogen uptake and increased plant growth.