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Unlocking the Power of Legumes

Plants need to eat to live. Their food commonly comes in the form of fertilizer. But the plants rarely finish their dinner. Excess washes away, wasting time and money as well as causing environmental concerns. Scientists are looking within the plants themselves to unlock their natural abilities to more efficiently use nutrients.

Improving a Solution

Plant scientists see the ways agriculture can be more environmentally friendly. They have ideas for tools to help farmers and ranchers. To solve some of the planet’s most pressing problems. And now they seek to overcome a philosophical division with a new vision in plant breeding.

Financial Report 2017

2017 Financial Report for the Noble Research Institute.

2017 Institutional Governance

Noble Research Institute provides the leadership for the Noble Research Institute to carry out its charitable purposes, act as a good steward of its resources, and conduct and support its activities in accordance with the vision of founder Lloyd Noble. Noble Research Institute further directs management to formalize and implement the Noble Research Institute’s strategic plan.


The 2016 Annual Report "Connect" is a retrospective look at 2016 and how we connect our programming, how we connect the various segments of agriculture, and how agriculture connects to the world.

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