'A Noble Journey' Category

Short-Term Work, Long-Term Mission

Two-month internship in Uganda will have lifelong influence for graduate student.

Cultivating Persistence and Hope in Uganda

University students’ enthusiasm impresses as they seek partners for agriculture project.

Soaking in the Sounds of Rain, Roads and Lots of Laughter

From TV theme songs to cattle on the move, Uganda’s soundtrack is varied and memorable.

Finding Strength and Beauty Among the Weeds

In Uganda, as in nature, survival skills are something to be admired.

A Noble Experiment in Uganda: The Soil is Alive

Ugandan teens dig in for lesson on soil microbes.

Raising the Crops and Raising the Children

Hard-working women at the heart of Ugandan agriculture.

Loving the Simplicity of Ugandan English

Everyday phrases take on new meaning in the local lingo.

Ag Curriculum Plants Seeds for Ugandan Growth

Field of Hope training draws teachers eager for new classroom lessons.

Two Months in Uganda Inspire 25 Reasons to Return

Abundant conversations, friendships and favorite meals among favorite memories of Uganda.

We All Have Room to Grow

Upon arrival in Uganda, MIAP-Noble Fellow Catherine Rutan finds familiar plants in a new setting.

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