2014 Archive

Revolutionary Rhizobia

Michael Udvardi, Ph.D., leads a team uncovering the secrets of beneficial plant and soil bacteria interactions.

Soil = Life

Lloyd Noble established the Noble Research Institute in 1945 as a way to safeguard the soil and foster land stewardship. This year, the Noble Research Institute and The Farm Foundation launched the Soil Renaissance to reawaken the nation's focus on soil and soil health.

Regrowing Dickson's Greenhouse

A local educational structure is revitalized, thanks to materials and labor donated by the Noble Research Institute.

Straight Talk

Ron Stilwell's ranch was struggling until he implemented consultation advice from the Noble Research Institute.

Eddie Funderburg

Growing up in Louisiana, this bayou boy loved fishing, football and a good shrimp etouffee. However, all these loves took a backseat to agriculture.

More Than Just Dirt

Without soil, there are no plants and no livestock that consume plants. There are no people who consume plants and livestock. There is no society. Soil is the foundation. It is life, and we're running out of it.

Natural materials enable erosion control

Erosion typically starts small and increases over time. Here are some strategies using natural materials to reduce actively eroding gullies.

Noble releases four new small grains forages

The Noble Research Institute's small grains breeding program is the longest running breeding program in the Foundation's history. This ongoing work has produced four new small grains cultivars over the past few years.

Lime cost affects the economics of nitrogen use

Farmers have used significant quantities of nitrogen on their cool-season forages. This practice has been shown to acidify the soils over time. We conducted an economic study to determine the effect of considering the cost of lime on the current recommendations about the optimal level of nitrogen.

Proven strategies bring cow herd rebuilding success

Many cattle seminars across the Southern Great Plains have offered sound advice about replacement female development and selection. A significant number of producers are strongly considering, if not...