Winter Feeding

Like it or not, that time is upon us! One thing we should remember during this difficult time in the cattle production cycle - nutritional needs of cattle have not changed even though the economic...

Winter Pasture Utilization As A Protein Supplement

Winter pasture can be used as a protein supplement for wintering beef cows when proper grazing management is used. A cow will consume up to ten times her protein requirement when allowed to graze full time.

How Much Grass Have I Got?

October is a good month to take a little stroll through the pastures and get a handle on how much grass there is in front of the cows. October marks the beginning of autumn when our warm season grasses quit growing, and the grass on hand is what the cows are going to winter on.

Pumpkin Time!

The days are getting shorter and Fall is in the air. It's Pumpkin Time. I've been growing about 10 acres of pumpkins for several years now and many people are quite curious about growing the crop; so, in this issue I will include a few pumpkin pointers.

How Do You Measure the Success of Your Deer Season?

The Boone and Crockett score of your biggest buck? The pounds of venison you put in the freezer? The number of deer you harvested? The number of days you spent hunting? There are probably as many answers as there are hunters.

Nitrogen Status of Winter Pasture

By taking soil samples during the fallow period, soil nitrate nitrogen levels can be appraised with a great degree of confidence. Due to the instability of soil nitrogen, even the residual levels identified by soil test often change before plants utilize the applied or mineralized nitrogen.

New Cooperator Orientation Program

Recently, with a large influx of people requesting Noble Research Institute assistance, we have piloted a new cooperator orientation program to help new cooperators better understand our abilities...

Water Availability Concerns

It may seem odd that a so-called forage specialist writes about water, but as any forage manager well understands, water is the life blood within any forage system. With abundant water comes the potential for abundant life.

Early Results from Hoop House Tomato Study

Recently, we concluded harvesting the first tomato crop in our new hoop house. This was our first experience with this growing system. Not everything went as planned, but generally speaking I'm pleased with the results.

Surviving Drought-High Feed Costs and Low Cattle Prices

The basic management principles that enable us to survive bad times are the same as those that enable us to thrive in the good times.