Of markets, cycles, booms and busts, feasts and faminies...

Someday in the future we may look back and think the opening paragraph of Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities sums up the situation facing production agriculture in the mid 1990's.

Nitrogen Fertilization of Small Grains for Pasture

Forage yield data from a replicated nitrogen (N) experiment on a rye/wheat/ryegrass mixture established by Jerry Rogers and Wadell Altom on the Red River Farm in the 1970's show that the response to applied N is linear up to the highest rate used (200 lbs of actual N per acre).

Food for Thought

In the last two years, I've had a chance to get out and visit a number of you and observe the resources available in this area. The longer I look, the more this area appears to be ideally suited to beef cattle production, particularly for the cow-calf producer.

Nitrate Poisoning

By now, we are all very aware of the effect of drought on available forage and hay in the southwest. There are other hidden effects that may not be felt until next winter. One of these is increased...

The Establishment of Food Plots

The establishment of food plots for whitetailed deer is a common practice for many enthusiastic hunters and managers. Most of these food plots consist of cool season plantings targeted at attracting...

Developing Heifers - Keys to Success

Often times cow-calf producers have a difficult time incorporating replacement heifers into the cow herd with a high degree of success.

Cool Season Legume Establishment

Often legume seed are planted into perennial grasses without thought to the management needs of the legume being planted. We have a tendency to manage grass to its fullest potential with external inputs that are contrary to the management needs of the legume.

Green Fireguards

A green fireguard can be a useful alternative to a bare soil fireguard or other types of fireguards. A green fireguard is managed to promote green vegetation and to minimize mulch.

Forage Fertilization Considerations

Fertilizer application decisions are just one part of the total management required to operate the farm or ranch utilizing good business principles. As you estimate total forage needs and how to provide them at the least cost, all options should be considered.

Understanding the Mexican Cattle Industry

Why have Mexican cattle been attractive to United States cattlemen? There could be several answers to this question. However, I think the two most popular answers are that Mexican calves are generally thin and healthy.