Cow-Calf Operators and Retained Ownership

The Agriculture Division has initiated a pilot program this fall to offer retained ownership to some of our small producers. Each consultation team has selected various cooperators to furnish between 5 and 25 head of fall weaned calves to be part of this pilot program.

Our Agricultural Service

Our service area is officially within a one-hundred mile radius of Ardmore, we have interactions daily with many outside that region. We provide service to colleagues in professional positions around the country. We often visit with and give advice to folks who have an opportunity to visit us from the far reaches of the world.

1996 Bermudagrass Variety Test

A new bermudagrass variety test was established on May 14, 1996 at the Headquarters Farm. Included in the trial are four newer commercial varieties, three promising experimental strains, and four older commercially adapted varieties in Oklahoma.

Rock Weir

A rock weir is a reasonable approach to stabilizing a small to medium sized overfall. Correctly placed rock can provide long-term erosion control

Hort Hints: November 1996

Oklahoma is estimated to produce 10 million pounds in 1996, down from last year's crop of 19 million pounds. Texas is estimated to produce 40 million pounds compared to 75 million pounds last year.

Tend to Business

Tending to business must be done for a different purpose than just to satisfy government. It must be done to provide us as farm managers with much needed information to use in making good management decisions.

How Much Detail Do You Know About Your Soil?

Those of you that have attended an NF Grazing School or New Cooperator Seminar have heard a discussion about doing a soil inventory. A soil inventory is simply an organized method of collecting and listing selected properties and potentials of the different soils contained within the boundaries of your farm or ranch.

Sericea Lespedeza - A Friend or Foe?

Sericea lespedeza is a deep rooted drought tolerant perennial legume that was introduced in the upper south region of the United States from Japan in the late 1890's. Sericea became important as a low quality forage plant in the 1920's and 1930's when it was used for pasture and erosion control.

Winter Feeding

Like it or not, that time is upon us! One thing we should remember during this difficult time in the cattle production cycle - nutritional needs of cattle have not changed even though the economic...

Winter Pasture Utilization As A Protein Supplement

Winter pasture can be used as a protein supplement for wintering beef cows when proper grazing management is used. A cow will consume up to ten times her protein requirement when allowed to graze full time.