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Here we go again! Number one 500 pound steer calves are bringing $100 cwt and producers are paying $950 for quality bred heifers. Whether producers are paying too much is beside the point. These $950 bred heifers are priced on today's calf market.

The Right Tree for the Job

Tree selection is similar to tool selection for a specific job. Selecting the proper tree for the proper site is sometimes a problem.

Hay is for Horses

Many people consider feeding hay to be a necessary cost in any livestock operation. But do they really know the actual cost of substituting hay for a lack or absence of forage in their pastures?

Noble Research Institute Agriculture Testing Services

A representative soil sample is of great economic benefit in crop and forage production. Applying a fertilizer or soil amendment that is not needed, excessive, or not enough to reach the intended yield goal is costly.

Prescribed Burning Glossary

While prescribed burning is recognized as a valuable tool by many land managers, many are unfamiliar with the vocabulary associated with it.

Deer Consciousness: Texas vs. Oklahoma

recently attended a conference on white-tailed deer genetics and management at Texas A&M University with several of our staff. I was simply surprised by an apparent disparity of opinion between landowners of Texas and Oklahoma over the issue of deer hunting.

The Concept of Operating Leverage

Like financial leverage, operating leverage magnifies results, making gains look better and losses look worse. Both operating and financial leverage increase risks because they make returns less predictable over time.

Before Planting Your Grain Sorghum

Planning and preparing a crop management plan, covering everything from hybrid selection to weed control, will lower risk while increasing overall production.

Space... the Final Frontier

Space is a valuable commodity. Ranchers today have to make the most of their acreage by using tools like rotational grazing with high stock densities, retained ownership, hunting leases, or maybe...

Water Quality for Livestock

Water is the nutrient required in the largest quantity for beef and dairy cattle. A beef cow can drink up to five percent of its body weight in water per day; a high-producing dairy cow, up to 20...