Controlling Aquatic Vegetation with Grass Carp

In many situations, the use of grass carp is an economical, long lasting, and effective option. However, grass carp are not appropriate for every pond. Whether grass carp should be stocked in a pond or not, depends on the goals for the pond.

Think About the Possibility of Recreational Leasing

If you are thinking about the possibility of leasing, now is the time to begin planning for next year. Although recreational leasing is not for everyone, it can, under the right circumstances, generate extra income.

Managing Your Operation

Do you employ the same management in good and bad times and hope that there are enough good times to cover the bad? You may not be able to control the market or the weather, but you, and you alone, make the decisions that determine the efficiency of your operation.

Variable Fertilizer Rate Research Project

The Noble Research Institute is helping fund Oklahoma State University's variable fertilizer rate research project. In addition to supplying grant funds, the Noble Research Institute Agricultural Division also furnishes land for variable rate research at both the Headquarters Farm and the Red River Demonstration and Research Farm.

Cooperator Demographics

Forage Biotechnology Group. In a previous article, I described our plans to establish a team of scientists and support staff to try to enhance forage resources for Southern Oklahoma and Northern...

Cattle at the Crossroads

Random thoughts while wondering who will be the cattle-persons of the 21st century?

Composite Breeds and Composite Crossbreeding

Though the idea behind composite breeding systems has been around for decades, only recently has the practice attracted interest within the beef industry. The reason for this interest is simple. Composite crossbreeding is a functional, low-management alternative to traditional crossbreeding techniques.

Alternative Agriculture

During the eighties, the buzz word we all heard a lot was alternative agriculture. Horticultural crops, particularly vegetables or "truck crops" gained the most attention. I was a horticulture student at OSU in the mid-eighties and I rode that wave of alternative ag and all that it promised.

The Noble Research Institute Retained Ownership Program

The program was initiated in November as a pilot project to evaluate the feasibility of a multi-owner system. The program was designed to include both wheat pasture and feedlot phases.

Will Nitrogen Applications Affect the Distribution of Bermudagrass Forage Production?

We often discuss bermudagrass as being a very "short season" forage plant but I did not realize how short it can be until I reviewed some yield data.