Box Type Parallel Bar Barrier

It functions as a trash guard that prevents large debris from flowing into and plugging a pond's overflow pipe. It deters beavers from plugging the overflow pipe. Such a barrier prevents grass carp larger than eight inches and adult game fish from leaving a pond through the overflow pipe.

Manure Distribution in Paddocks

Some of the advantages of a rotational grazing unit are the fringe benefits of higher stock density when compared to more extensive grazing situations. One of the obvious benefits is the more uniform distribution of excrement within paddocks provided management is in line to control distribution.

The Ability of Legumes

The ability of legumes to fix nitrogen has long been a fascination to forage producers. The nitrogen released from nodules benefits plants and increases forage production. Due to the hot and dry...

The Concept of Entropy

I first heard about entropy in a freshman chemistry class. The professor explained how all things tend to move toward disorder unless energy is exerted to re-establish order. At the time, I thought this concept was interesting but of no real practical value. I have since come to realize that I was very wrong.

Happy Days are Here Again!

Well, they are if you are in the cow/calf sector. The stocker and feedlot picture may not be so pretty, but, as in all things, we must each take our turn.

What Does the Future Hold for the World of Agriculture?

Anyone who knew the answer to that could make a lot of money, even in agriculture. We don't know what the future holds for us, but there are people at work trying to shape a few changes and I have the privilege to try and help some of these come about.

Rye-Wheat-Ryegrass Nitrogen Rate Study

This is the first year of results after applying 2.5 tons lime to the long term Rye-Wheat-Ryegrass nitrogen rate study at the Red River Research Farm.

The Benefits of Summer Interns

We have many ongoing programs at the Noble Research Institute that are so familiar to us that we assume everyone else knows about them. I often wonder how much of our daily activity is known by...

Should Nitrogen be applied on Bermudagrass and Old World Bluestem this month?

In early August you should evaluate your existing forage supply and the amount of forage needed from then until next spring. If additional forage is needed, consider applying nitrogen to increase the standing forage or purchase hay.

Summer reminders

Summer is here! I don't think that's news to anyone but perhaps we need a reminder about some things that go along with summer.