What Are You Going to Do With Your Calves?

If you have not already decided what you are going to do with your spring-born calves, now is an excellent time to start thinking. As of this writing, cattle prices have been strong, but there is always a danger that prices may level off or even drop.

Pecan Weevil Alert

Oklahoma - grown pecans have a reputation for good - quality nut meats, but also are known for containing larvae of the pecan weevil. Now is the time to protect your pecan crop from possible destruction by the pecan weevil.

Where Is The Beef?

Common concerns of many involved in the "Beef Industry" are "What is our current status?" and "Where are we going?" I am not sure that anyone can address these concerns fully; however, we should gain insight into them by exploring who cattle producers are and who is guiding the industry.

Deer Population Data

Why spend the effort to collect deer population data? Simply, the information is necessary to successfully manage deer in many situations. Proper management of any resource, including deer, begins with establishing goals, learning about the resource, and inventorying the resource.

Using Grazing Records

Many producers are practitioners of rotational grazing management in various forms. Although they are willing to implement a rotational grazing scheme or a fertility recommendation, few are keeping grazing records that can determine the effectiveness of such recommendations.

Agricultural Testing Services Has Moved

There have been many recent changes affecting the Agriculture Testing Services (ATS). In July we moved one-half mile west from our cramped quarters on The Noble Research Institute's campus to a much larger facility that was formerly a Pepsi Cola bottling plant. We have expanded our office and sample preparation area, and the new arrangement facilitates efficient use of our sample-processing machinery.

Why Financial Statements?

It is time consuming and often painful to prepare financial statements. A financial look at the business at a given point in time reveals the financial health of the business at that time. Analyze them and use them to detect early signs of financial stress so appropriate strategies can be implemented to ensure the long-term survival of the farm.

Why Are We Supplementing our Livestock?

Livestock producers spend a great deal of money putting up hay and buying feeds to see their stock through the winter. What if we didn't have to haul hay and feed all winter? There are cost saving incentives built into managing on a year-round basis.

Strawberry Fields Forever

In Oklahoma, strawberries have traditionally been a popular fruit for fresh use and freezing. Unfortunately, local production of this crop meets only a small percentage of this consumption.

Summer Stress

Most enthusiasts might not think about the summer months posing a nutritional hardship to deer. Sure, the lush months of April, May and June can provide more nutrition than deer need under good habitat conditions. But what about July and August?