Be Smart With Your Fertilizer Dollar

Nitrogen (N) is directly related to yield. Have you ever heard this statement from your fertilizer dealer? Without any other limiting factors, as you increase the nitrogen rate you increase yields of non-legume crops.

Ag Executive or Ex-Farmer/Rancher?

Management consultant Peter Drucker is credited with the statement, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." The agricultural executives of tomorrow will strive to create the future of their farm/ranch businesses by tying down prices of inputs and production as far in advance as possible. The ex-farmers and ex-ranchers of tomorrow will remember how much they used to enjoy driving a tractor and feeding the cows. And they will probably remember the anxiety they felt while holding out for the highest price.

Are the Sacks Stacking Up?

As with many livestock producers, empty feedsacks really can start to pile up this time of year. The big question is what to do with them. Traditional recycling is an option in some places that requires a little effort, but it is worth it.

Understanding and Correcting Soil Acidity

This fact sheet talks about acidity's causes and corrections, the amount of lime needed to raise the pH, and the length of time liming takes to work.

Spotlight and Daylight Cruise Survey of Deer: Collecting and Interpreting Data

Introduction White-tailed deer are the primary game animal in Oklahoma and Texas, which means a substantial amount of interest is dedicated to them. A variety of companies makes everything from...

Financial Stress

There are probably many producers who are under financial strain because of drought, high hay cost, low cattle prices and low crop prices. Our advice would be to address your problem head-on. Admit you need help and go get it. If you need help from us, please call and let us know.

December Horticulture Tips

There are many questions we need to ask ourselves as we plan for the coming year. At the top of the list is why our landscape plants didn't survive as well as we wanted them too. Did we apply enough moisture? Did we enable the soil to absorb water into the root area of the plants? Did we mulch around the plants to conserve the moisture we did apply?

Deer Management Associations

A deer management association (or coop) is simply a group of land managers in a region who share common deer management goals and make a decision to cooperatively manage their shared deer herd. Goals such as improving the buck age structure, buck:doe ratio, fawn crop, or altering deer density are difficult or impossible to achieve on small acreages without a deer fence. Developing a common strategy over larger acreages is much more effective.

What variety should I plant?

This question is music to a plant breeder's ears. It shows that the producer is aware that cultivar choice is important to the success of a farming or ranching operation. A good starting point is to first determine what you, the producer, need to accomplish.

Management "Tune-Up" Tips

Fall is the time of year that we see a lot of activity when it comes to cattle movements and management. Calves are weaned and/or sold, but they usually find a new home that doesn't include "Momma." Perhaps it is prudent to review some management factors related to this change.