New Demand for Beef Creates a Niche for New Products

For the first time in twenty years, we have seen an increase in beef demand, as measured by a combination of increased beef consumption and consumer spending. New product development helps revitalize beef demand in the long run.

Using Goats for Vegetation Management

Many cattle producers spend a large amount of money each year to control undesired plants. Enter goats.

Ten Years of Prescribed Fire on a Cross Timbers Woodland Community

Prescribed fire is often recommended as a tool to open up or thin woody vegetation typical of the Cross Timbers. More open timber may increase plant diversity for wildlife and forage for cattle. This article presents the results of ten years of prescribed fire on woody vegetation.


Neotropical migrants are a group of birds that live, breed, and nest in North America during spring and summer and migrate to and live in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands during the fall and winter. There are approximately 60 species of neotropical migrants that nest in Oklahoma.

How Much Does It Cost to Mow Weeds?

Have you ever stopped to think about what it costs to mow a pasture? Mowing is costly, and pastures that have weed problems this late in the growing season have no chance for optimum weed control.

Trellised Cucumbers - Another Promising Crop for Hoop House Production

The climatic requirement and growth characteristics of the cucumber plant combine to make it an ideal candidate for hoop house production.

The Future, Agriculture & You

Agricultural producers face an operational environment that literally changes daily. Farmers relying on production agriculture for their income are being forced to adopt an industrialized approach to stay in business.

Grazing Systems

Grazing systems employ the basics of grazing management to help producers accomplish their operational goals. Depending on what grazing system you choose, you may improve pasture conditions, increase forage use, or enhance livestock production.

At the Mercy of the Weather

A fertilization study was conducted on bermudagrass grown at the Noble Research Institute's Pasture Demonstration Farm. Our data shows a definite relationship between rainfall and forage production and suggests that rainfall received during the growing season is critical.

Understanding Tax Basis

The basis one has in capital assets affects how much tax he or she will owe. There can be substantial tax savings with proper planning.