Leasing Pecans

Leasing of pecan trees may be an option that would well serve both parties. Of course, this is not a new idea, but it is one that may be difficult to implement. There are so many variables that it is difficult to make a good, blanket recommendation. Nevertheless, I will attempt to set out some considerations for crafting an individualized lease.

April Hort Tips - Business Image

Image is vital to any business and we only have one chance to make that first impression a positive one that will stay with the potential client, investor, employee, donor, etc. The appearance of your facility's landscape is the first thing a visitor encounters and therefore is a major component of your image.

Bred Heifer Mythology

Most cow-calf producers believe three myths associated with the development of heifers into cows. I will discuss them briefly in this article.

Opportunities to Meet Tough Times

The early and mid-eighties were bad times in production agriculture. We saw many producers go out of business. Here we are today with the same picture. Has this happened because we are so efficient and do not need as many farmers?

Wildlife Conservation Funding

Although wildlife is a publicly owned resource, it receives relatively little public funding. In Oklahoma and Texas, general tax revenues do not support the states' wildlife management efforts. Funding for wildlife management in these states primarily comes from licenses, access or permit fees, and federal excise taxes on sporting goods and boat fuel.

The Importance of Sunlight in Pecan Production

Certainly it is important to have adequate water to translocate nutrients and cool the plant. However, without adequate sunlight intensity, the pecan tree cannot capture the energy necessary to fill its pecans.

Technology and the New Millennium

Today, there are many sites on the Internet that will provide you with much needed information. To help you use this technology, I have listed a few of my favorite web sites below and a brief description of each.

Property Tax Exemption for Wildlife Management

For the past couple of years, landowners in the state of Texas have had the opportunity to claim a wildlife tax exemption on their property. Property owners have been provided this opportunity due in part to the booming wildlife recreation industry in Texas. At this time Oklahomans do not have this tax option. Maybe a look across the river will stir interest.

New Forage Bermudagrass Variety

The name of the new bermudagrass, previously referred to as 74x21-6, will be Midland 99. Oklahoma State University, the developer of the variety, is cooperating with the Noble Research Institute, the USDA, and experiment stations in Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas in jointly releasing this new pasture grass variety.

Urban Sprawl: Opportunity or Threat?

Growing high value crops is not for everyone. However, if you view urban sprawl as an opportunity to generate additional on-farm income as opposed to a threat to your way of life, give me a call.