Medicago truncatula Handbook

ISBN 0-9754303-1-9
Preface to the Medicago truncatula Handbook

Biology of Medicago truncatula

M. truncatula resources

M. truncatula protocol chapters

Handling Medicago truncatula as a whole plant: growth, propagation, crossings, as well as abiotic stress and interactions with other organisms

Cytology and microscopy

Transformation and tissue culture

Genetic mapping

  • Comparative mapping (A. Seres, G. Deák, G. Tóth, G. Aubert, J. Burstin, N. Ellis, G. B. Kiss)

Tools for gene identification, silencing and knockout and mutant screening

Functional genomics

  • Transcriptomics (H. Küster, A. Becker, D. Samac, M. Tesfaye)
  • Proteomics (S. Nagaraj, Z. Lei, B. Watson, L. Sumner, K. Gallardo, E. Dumas-Gaudot, G. Recorbet, F. Robert, O. Thiery, B. Valot, U. Mathesius, E. Triplett)