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Youth Education Tour Request

Have you been to the Noble Research Institute before?
Has this group of students been to the Noble Research Institute before?

We require one teacher or adult chaperone for every 20 students. Chaperones are expected to assist in the management of students and be engaged with the group. Chaperones are expected to stay with the group at all times while on campus.


What type of vehicle will you be arriving with?
What are your plans if staying for lunch?


Would you like to receive a list of the program descriptions? If yes, you will receive, by email, a document with in-depth program descriptions.

If you have not been to Noble before or would like to read the program descriptions prior to selecting them, please check this box and we'll email a document with more in-depth descriptions of the programs.


I agree to the visitor expectations.

1. Visitors to the Noble Research Institute are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner to everyone on campus.
2. No use of tobacco products or vape products are allowed on Noble property.
3. School-provided transportation is expected to remain on campus during the entire visit.