1. Events

March 13-16, 2018

Richard Mifflin Kleberg, Jr. Family Lectureship on Grazing Management


Noble Research Institute


12 am - 12 am

Registration Fee

$500, includes materials, equipment, lunch and refreshments

General Information

Mastering the science and art of grazing management is critical for successful ranch management. One of the most important steps in ranch planning is to establish the correct stocking rate of the ranch’s pasture and range sources, carefully considering the variation in precipitation within seasons and between years, while balancing the needs of both livestock and wildlife. A second critical step is to develop strategic and operational plans to accomplish the specific goals and objectives of the ranch.

This course will provide students with the tools to determine correct stocking rate of their ranch and to develop sound grazing management programs that will help them achieve the goals of their ranch.

For more information, visit http://krirm.tamuk.edu/grazing/


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