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October 4, 2018

Feral Hog Management Training


Noble Research Institute


8:30 am - noon

Registration Fee

There is no fee for this event.

General Overview

Feral hogs cause significant ecological damages that hinder production agriculture and cause economic burdens to landowners and recreationists. This technical training will provide an opportunity for landowners and hunters to see the tools they can use to manage these devastating pests. We will teach best management practices and demonstrate conventional, innovative and integrated strategies to control feral hogs. Participants can expect hands-on training, discussion on the future of hog control, and opportunities to share successes and failures with fellow trappers and consultants.

Methods to be discussed include:

  • Baiting.
  • Box traps.
  • Corral traps.
  • Suspended traps.
  • Drop-nets.
  • Cellular triggers.
  • Thermal scopes.
  • Aerial gunning.
  • Toxicants.
  • Species specific delivery systems.
  • Trapping associations.
  • Judas technique.
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