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Course Levels

The following descriptions will help you determine which levels you fit into in Noble Learning’s education progressions. Each progression offers a series of courses that build on one another, level by level, to increase your knowledge in a subject area.

General Public

General courses are open to the public. These courses provide you with general information related to agriculture-based hobbies or other natural resource topics.

Course Progression


Introductory courses are designed to provide you with basic concepts, definitions and introductory information on a topic related to production agriculture. Introductory courses are targeted toward individuals who are new to a subject area. Courses are intended to help provide you with the information you need to decide whether or not to pursue an agriculture-based business.

These courses are generally offered as a seminar.

Level 1: Essentials

Level 1 courses provide you with information on the core basics of a production management topic. Essential courses are intended to provide you with strong foundational knowledge. Courses are intended for entry level participants or those wanting to refresh themselves on the basics to build a stronger understanding of the topic covered. As you move through building or improving your operations, these core concepts will provide foundational competencies to help you move to more in-depth management.

These courses are generally offered in a classroom setting.

Level 2: Building

Level 2 courses build on the knowledge that you receive in Level 1 courses. These courses will provide you with necessary information that will help you begin to build toward a management plan. Level 2 courses cover topics that are imperative to proper and efficient management of an agricultural operation. These courses generally concentrate on a specific portion of a production operation.

These courses are generally offered in the field and provide demonstration of tools, techniques and equipment.

Level 3: Advanced

Level 3 courses help you begin to manage your operation as a system. Advanced learning will provide you with confidence to make more informed decisions. These courses provide you with advanced skill sets and management options to optimize production. Participants will benefit from a management plan. Advanced courses offer opportunities to peer-network with like-sized or like-minded producers.

These courses are generally offered in a production operation setting and are hands-on.

Level 4: Master

Level 4 courses meet the needs of highly skilled and operating producers. These classes will provide you with the most advanced content available in each discipline. Before participating in these courses, you should have a high level of understanding of your business and keep proper records.

These courses are designed to be intensive and will have a limited number of participants.