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April 21, 2021

Applying Beef Quality Assurance Practices





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Course Level: Level 2 Building
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General Overview

Noble Research Institute consultants are taking Beef Quality Assurance to the ranch. During this workshop, you will see various demonstrations of and gain hands-on experience with all best management practices for working and weaning calves.

Beef producers looking to improve their best management practices and ensure quality beef products in the food chain should join us.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to properly administer vaccinations (with practice)
  • How to properly dehorn (with practice)
  • How to properly castrate (with practice)
  • How to properly ear tag (with practice)
  • How to properly tail bleed (with practice)
  • How to properly implant (with practice)
  • Considerations for facility design (bud box vs. curved tubs) (demonstration)
  • Proper cattle handling (demonstration)
  • Essential operation record keeping
  • How to evaluate cattle (demonstration)
How You Will Learn:
  • In-field discussion
  • Hands-on demonstration
  • Classroom discussion
  • Q&A
Who Should Attend:
  • Producers who want to utilize best management practices to improve their ranch operations and the quality of beef in the food chain
What You Should Bring:
  • Weather-appropriate outdoor clothing. Participants will have the opportunity to experience hands-on practice, so clothing could get dirty.
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