2014 Archive

GMOs and What They Mean to You

Conner Carroll and Helen Holstein urge the public to look at the facts about genetically modified organisms in our food supply.

Environmentalism: Progressing to the Future

Ira Parsons and Seth Pratt, 2014 Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture, discuss the progress that the agricultural community has made in protecting the environment. About the Authors Ira Parsons is a...

For Our Plate and Yours: Why We Eat Beef

Avonlea Elkins, Morgan Hannabass, Courtney Hemphill, Ira Parsons and Seth Pratt discuss the role beef plays in fueling an active lifestyle.

Fictional goats and garden, real hard work

"So you made a theoretical plan for raising theoretical goats for a theoretical cooperator?" asked Luke Braswell, Noble Research Institute photographer, one evening as we were doing a Rural Life Team photo shoot. Though the plan and goats may not have been real, the time, effort and lessons I learned this summer from the Rural Life Plan project were definitely real.

Growing Our Legacy: Agriculture and Animal Welfare

Courtney Hemphill and Alyssa Sheppard talk about the importance of animal welfare to farmers and ranchers.

Final summer thoughts: On beef, advocacy and the future

Looking back at what I've accomplished this summer, I must say I feel like the last few weeks have been the most beneficial.

An Unforgettable Summer

As my time at the Noble Research Institute comes to an end, I can't help but think back on all I have had the opportunity to do this summer.

Chosen, Challenged and Changed (Forever)

May 19 was a peculiar morning. The air was sticky, and the sky was gray. It was my first day of work as a Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture. Nervous is not a word I commonly use to describe myself, but the anxiety I felt about the summer ahead had my stomach doing somersaults.

A sharp pencil

"Roller coaster" has been a common word in the agricultural community recently. I can't help but entertain a mental image of cowboys at a carnival, cotton candy in the hands of tough, weathered men wearing hats and blue jeans, all waiting to ride the Super Dragon.

When at first you do not succeed, you must try, try again

Looking at the stubborn seeds that had refused to germinate, it was clear that we would be repeating the experiment for the third time. The 360 sad, little Medicago truncatula seeds stared up at me from within their plastic tubes and refused to offer any usable data.

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