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Too Many Stories, Too Little Time

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Everywhere you turn at the Noble Research Institute, you're bound to run into a story. And generally, one story leads to another. And another. And another.

Our story begins with one man, Lloyd Noble, who established the Noble Research Institute in 1945. He found great success and respect in the oil fields, but he knew the greatest resource we possess is the land. When the Dust Bowl came, he saw some of the people he respected most – farmers and ranchers – watch their livelihood blow away. He knew he wanted to help them, and in effect all of us, rebuild the land and its productivity for the benefit of generations to come.

Now, 71 years later, his story of devotion and vision has resulted in millions more.

Today we're 300-plus people strong. We come from all continents (well, except Antarctica) and bring diverse expertise areas. Together, we continue to deliver solutions to agriculture's most pressing challenges.

We've got people finding answers from all angles.

Some scientists answer basic questions about how plants work, like how do plants take in and use nutrients? And, could we tap into their natural abilities to encourage them to work more efficiently?

Others translate knowledge gained into actual plant lines, using various techniques from traditional breeding to genetic engineering, to offer real-world solutions.

Still others take the quest to the field. They see how well new plant varieties perform in the field. They try out innovative techniques for managing forages, cattle and wildlife on 14,000 acres of research and demonstration farms and ranches. Then they share what they've learned with farmers, ranchers and other land managers.

There are many who support these groups by operating the greenhouse, building fence, keeping the books, and more. We take time to reach out to our community through educational programs in schools and service activities. And we give to other nonprofits.

As you can see, there's a lot going on here. And we have a problem:

For every story told, there's a hundred untold.

We want you to see what's going on to advance agriculture. Scientists, plant breeders, ranch hands and more have stepped up to share what they're doing.

You can search the hashtag #everyNoblestory on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to find their stories. You can read them here on our new blog.

But #everyNoblestory doesn't stop with us. It includes you. What is your connection to agriculture, plant science and the Noble Research Institute? Ask us questions. Engage. We want to hear your story, too.