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Mountains to Grasslands

Kristen Ulmer

By Kristen Ulmer, 2013 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture

Posted Jun. 3, 2013

Living on a farm teaches one a lot of things; for instance, that nature decides the present and future activities of each day. In my home state of Virginia, the mountains exhibit an air of majesty and power as they stand guard over the green rolling hills where the breeze rustles the tall grass. In Oklahoma, the grass landscape drifts for miles and miles as if to the edge of the Earth, unobstructed by towering landforms or an overpopulation of trees. The wind and rain progress from an Ardmore summer storm into a raging tornado watch. The thunder echoes across the unconfined distance, and the lightning strikes with the force and purpose as if one had flicked on a light switch in the dark and mysterious night. My first conclusion … Oklahoma will open the door to new and electrifying experiences.

kristen in the field

About the Author

Kristen Ulmer is a 2013 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture from Broadway, Va. She is a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in animal and poultry sciences with two minors in agribusiness and crop and soil environmental sciences.