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First Week

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Perhaps it's just the week that I started, but thus far my time at Noble has taught me that there will be no such thing as an ordinary week. Monday began with orientation; Tuesday, I learned how to identify plants along a transect in a pasture; Wednesday was the annual company-wide softball tournament; and today I had the opportunity to attend a field day discussion in Texas on weed control in hay production.

scholars identify plants

During my orientation, interestingly enough, none of the others in my group were Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture, which is my position for the summer; they were Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture, communications interns and new employees. It was as if, right from the start, the Noble Research Institute wanted to remind me of its complex and multifaceted nature. It was as if they did not want me to forget that everything I do this summer is somehow related to another part of the Institute.

Progress in the Agricultural Division is linked to progress in the Plant Biology and Forage Improvement divisions, and all departments rely on Administration to continue to function smoothly. I am only beginning to understand the ways in which the various branches of the Institute work together; however, the atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation which makes the operation possible is already evident. I cannot imagine a better atmosphere for the adventure that this summer will become.

Hope Wentzel is a 2013 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture from Alexandria, Va.