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Final summer thoughts: On beef, advocacy and the future

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Looking back at what I've accomplished this summer, I must say I feel like the last few weeks have been the most beneficial.

One of the activities I am most proud of is the advocacy video Morgan and I scripted and filmed. Morgan and I are both interested in communicating with consumers who do not have agricultural backgrounds. We care about their concerns, and we have more in common with them than they might think. While living in urban areas during college, Morgan and I both noticed that many of our sorority sisters and friends chose chicken over beef when dieting. So we decided to clear up some misconceptions about beef.

Avonlea and Morgan

After researching the nutritional value of beef, we found that lean beef can be a low-calorie protein, and it offers essential nutrients not found in other foods. In our one-minute, 15-second video, we illustrated how people with different needs can all benefit by adding beef to their diet. I really enjoyed seeing our ideas come to life.

Although I graduated with a bachelor of science, I really enjoyed jumping into the creative realm to make this video. I appreciate that Noble values the importance of advocacy in agriculture. In an industry that includes many small family farms and ranches, it is extremely valuable to have a nonprofit foundation with the resources and ability to educate.

cow in sunset

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at the Noble Research Institute, and I am sad to see the summer come to an end. In three short months, I have learned so much about agriculture, working with others and myself. I am fortunate that my home is not far away, so I plan to visit the friends I have made and continue utilizing Noble's expertise as a cooperator.

Avonlea Elkins is a 2014 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture. She grew up on a cattle ranch near Fort Worth, Texas.