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Could you tell me what aisle the duct tape is on please?

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We started analyzing GrowSafe Beef (GSB) data today. The GrowSafe Beef system is a ginormous database and the focus of my summer here at the Noble Research Institute. It performs real-time data acquisition of cattle weight and water intake. GrowSafe Beef then analyzes the data to make animal management recommendations.

summer helps with growsafe

I have come to the conclusion that Dr. Ryan Reuter, who primarily works with GrowSafe, is incredibly smart. If I had even a fraction of his brain for research and cattle, I'd be amazing! After an hour and a half of what I thought I was working on and analyzing data, he says, "Now we've got something to work with." Excuse me, what? I thought we were working on the data. I am now on my second roll of duct tape this week to wrap my head with in order to keep it from exploding, and it's only Tuesday!

dr. ryan reuter
Dr. Ryan Reuter with the GrowSafe Beef system

We are just scratching the surface of the many research possibilities that the GSB system can be used for. Knowing this, and the fact that there are only three weeks left of my summer here at the Noble Research Institute, I am going to purchase some more duct tape. Just to be proactive, you know.


Summer Clifton Calaway is a 2013 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture and GrowSafe Intern. Hailing from Cogar, Okla.