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Bringin' Home the Bacon

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One of the best parts of being a summer scholar at the Noble Research Institute is all the amazing things you can take part in. The second week of our summer at Noble, Summer, Anya and I all got to go with Dillon Payne and Josh Gaskamp to set up a hog trap.

Now these traps are not your usual ground traps that most people think of when you say anything about setting traps. These traps are so cool it is almost ridiculous. They are basically round pens suspended in the air connected to a computer.

What is even sweeter about the setup is the technology they are using to trigger the traps. They have a game camera set up to record the area inside the trap, and it is also connected to a computer. When it senses movement, it will actually take a still of the video and send it as a text message to Josh. He can then remotely view the live video feed and check to see if it is the whole sounder or not. If it is, all he has to do is push a button on his phone to drop the trap at that moment. Word is he has even dropped it from a Rangers baseball game in Arlington, Texas. It is amazing the number of things we have been able to experience only a few weeks into our scholarship, and this is only one of them. There are even more to come.

Amanda Mathias is a 2013 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture.