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Amber Oerly Looks Back on #OneNobleSummer to Remember

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I’m realizing there’s a consistent theme in this season of my life as a college student. Opportunities and experiences seem to end just as fast as they begin!

Feels like just last week I was borderline homesick and worried about the people I would be spending the summer with. Now 10 weeks later, reality has hit, and those other scholars have become some of my dearest friends. This season of life is full of interesting and exciting new beginnings, but with new beginnings comes hard goodbyes as other doors are closed. My summer as a Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture has come to an end, and in hindsight, I laugh at the worries I had at the beginning.

Lloyd Noble Scholars and MentorLloyd Noble Agriculture Scholars Taylor McAtee (left) and Amber Oerly pose with their mentor, Myriah Johnson, Ph.D., Noble economics program leader and agricultural economics consultant.

This summer I worked with Myriah Johnson, Ph.D., Noble economics program leader and agricultural economics consultant, on two projects concerning the economic impact of different crop insurance options and cow culling practices. These projects opened my eyes to the importance of implementing effective risk-management tools on an operation, as well as the importance of knowing the impact certain production practices can have on producers’ bottom line. Although there were definitely times I struggled through Excel, the benefit of seeing these projects finalized has made my frustration diminish. And now I can work in Excel without asking fellow scholar Taylor McAtee a question every three minutes!

Lloyd Noble Scholars presentation dayFrom left, 2019 Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture Richard Duncan, Jake Hefley, Camille Carey, Cheyenne Ward, Mason Blinson, Charlotte Talbott, Taylor McAtee, Amber Oerly, and Kenneth Watkins on presentation day, Aug. 6, 2019, at the Noble Research Institute.

As summer began to wind down, it was time to prepare our presentations on our individual projects. After spending a full summer diving in and learning, we had the chance to present our projects and share highlights of our summer with Noble employees on Aug. 6. I truly felt part of the Noble Research Institute family as the consultants showed genuine interest in our summers and the impact they left on us.

Amber Oerly presentationAmber Oerly, Noble Agriculture Scholar, presenting her summer research project on crop insurance.

As I conclude my time here at Noble, I realize that all the hours spent in our scholar office, which we called “the bullpen,” left a huge impact on me. It is hard to believe that after this week, the people I have spent every day with will be dispersed throughout the country at separate colleges. Although this door at Noble is closing, I am confident the lessons of this summer will last for many years to come.

Amber Oerly is a 2019 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture from Boonville, Missouri, where she was raised on her small family cattle and row crop farming operation. Oerly graduated from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College with her associate’s degree.