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Agvocacy: Harvesting Our Creativity to Make a Difference

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Well, we have been at the Noble Research Institute for just under two months now. As an agricultural communications major, most of our experiences have stretched me beyond my typical educational pursuits. Albeit developing an understanding of the different segments of agriculture will make me an even better communicator for this industry. The scope of my knowledge broadens on a daily basis here, as I am constantly learning not only from Noble Research Institute employees but also from my fellow scholars.

While my peers are able to teach me about horticulture, lab work and what it's like to ranch in Idaho, I have the unique opportunity to share with them some of my agricultural communications training.


This year, the scholars have been given a new assignment. We are the first group to produce agricultural advocacy videos. Adam Calaway, director of communications, is in charge of the effort. Adam asked me early in the summer to help facilitate this particular project, and I will admit that even with formal training and experience, I went into the assignment slightly nervous.

A few minutes into our first meeting with Adam, I realized I didn't need to be nervous. Our group has some amazing ideas. Sure, not everyone has taken classes in video production, but each of us is so passionate about the agriculture industry, and we all have great stories to tell. Our brainstorming sessions were pretty intense. Not everyone agreed on every suggestion. That's OK, though, because that is how great ideas are born. Let me tell you, we have some neat stuff in the works.

We're currently in the scriptwriting phase of our projects. We split into four pairs of scholars, so we will have four different videos covering different topics. Personally, I can't wait to see what my peers come up with. I just know it will be unique and innovative.

I'm so anxious to start filming. There's sure to be lots of blooper reel, so stay tuned!

Morgan Hannabass is a 2014 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture from Indiahoma, Oklahoma.