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A Summer of Opportunity

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I heard about the opportunity to be a Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture midway through the spring semester at my college. There were posters on campus, and my work supervisor at the college’s processing plant urged me to apply. I was hesitant at first because I did not fully understand the type of work the Noble Research Institute did or what exactly the internship entailed, but after doing some online research and speaking to some of my professors, I decided to apply.

I went through the application process, and I was not confident about my chances of getting the chance to interview; but not long after I applied, I got the call. I scheduled my interview time, and I prepared as much as I could before that time came. I eventually had my interview, but I could not tell if it went well or not. Again, I was not confident about my chances of getting the position, but I waited and hoped. When I received the call letting me know I had been chosen to be an agriculture scholar, I was surprised but mostly excited because I knew it was an amazing opportunity that would benefit me for years to come.

As I began my trip from Harrison, Arkansas, to a town I knew nothing about in Oklahoma, I was anxious. It still had not fully set in with me that I was going to be spending my summer in Oklahoma away from my friends and family, but I was thrilled about this opportunity that I had been given.

Now that I have begun my time at the Noble Research Institute, my anxiousness has been replaced with excitement and gratitude. I am very eager to work with the many talented employees, and I cannot wait to see how I am able to further my knowledge and develop as an agriculture scholar through the project that has been assigned to me for the summer.

For my project, I am working with Jason Bradley, agricultural economics consultant, to design a record-keeping template for Noble’s farms to use. This template will help each of the individual farms keep more detailed records of financial transactions and the movement of their inventories between various enterprises within the farm or with another Noble farm. With these records, Noble’s ranches will be better able to show farmers and ranchers the economic impacts of the practices used on each farm.

I am excited to see what this summer has in store, and I am glad to be a 2019 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture!

Jake moves a group of heifers to a new paddockJake moves a group of heifers to a new paddock as part of a mob grazing project that a fellow Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture is doing.

Jake Hefley is a 2019 Lloyd Noble Scholar in Agriculture from Harrison, Arkansas.