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April 16 to April 22: Learning and Teaching

Last Week in Noble Research

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By definition, a researcher is one who dedicates their career to learning, exploring, asking questions and finding answers. At the Noble Research Institute, these life-long learners also enjoy sharing their excitement for discovery with students of all ages.

Here's a peek at how researchers at the Noble Research Institute engaged in both learning and educating last week.

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  1 Tuesday, April 18

Agriculture students from Oklahoma State University met Carolyn Young, Ph.D., and learned about how she and her team are solving problems caused by fungi in the field.

  2 Thursday, April 20

Why does this wheat plant do better than others in drought conditions? Our researchers are checking it out.

  3 Thursday, April 20

When students visit our greenhouse, they learn about the value of pasture.

  4 Friday, April 21

Supporting the next generation of scientists through a microscopy contest.

Research staff @noble_cell_imaging are active members of the #oklahoma #microscopy society (OMS), which marks its 40th anniversary this year. Together with our fellow Oklahoma #microscopists, we hold the Oklahoma Ugly #bug contest in the fall of each year. This year marks the 20th year of this contest. In this contest, K-6 schools in the state submit one bug that will be imaged by their local #electronmicroscope facility. The prettiest ugliest bugs are chosen by OMS members and winning schools are awarded a new stereomicroscope courtesy of Leica Microsystems. We are pleased to announce 10 winners of the 2016 OK Ugly Bug competition. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of #uglybug, we will feature the 10 winners in our Instagram handle throughout the year. Today we feature the entry of McLish Middle school from Stonewall, Oklahoma. Shown is a scanning electron #micrograph of a #wasp head. Congratulations McLish middle school. #microscope #everynoblestory #okuglybug #scienceforkids #science #biology #sem #uglybugcontest #entomology #insectagram #insects #education #stonewalloklahoma #outreach #stemeducation @noblefoundation @mynobleacademy

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  5 Friday, April 21

Watching the switchgrass grow.