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March 26 to April 1: Georgia Pecans, Louisiana Tall Fescue and Oklahoma Cattle

Last Week in Noble Research

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The researchers traveled the country this week in their quest to advance agriculture.

Here's a few quick views of what they were up to. Follow #everyNoblestory on Instagram and Twitter to see the latest updates.

  1 Wednesday, March 29

Pecan research takes mycology laboratory members to Georgia.

  2 Wednesday, March 29

Alfalfa is growing.

  3 Thursday, March 30

Getting a bird's-eye view of the cattle.

  4 Thursday, March 30

Remembering collaborative research with Maria Harrison, Ph.D., now at the Boyce Thompson Institute.

Found this classic image that we took with our old Biorad confocal microscope back in 2001 while conducting collaborative research with a former colleague, Dr Maria Harrison now @btiscience. Shown is an arbuscule stained with a red-emitting dye inside a single root cell of the model legume Medicago truncatula. The stain marks the chitin rich branches of the fungus. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi acquire carbon from the plant while the plant is able to more efficiently acquire soil nutrients in the presence of the fungus. Scientists at the @noblefoundation are trying to better understand the molecular mechanisms by which beneficial plant-microbe interactions are established. Furthermore, they are investigating ways to integrate beneficial plant@microbes into agricultural production systems in the USA #southernplains. #everynoblestory #microbiome #symbiosis #medicago #mycology #mycorrhizae #agriculture #soil #cellbiology #plantbiology #fungi #confocal #microscopy #nutrients #helpingeachother #plantscience #carbon #legumes #rootresearch #roots

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  5 Friday, March 31

Selecting tall fescue in Louisiana.