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Out With the Old and in With the New

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Posted Aug. 9, 2017

Uganda really just has two seasons: raining and dry. It's the middle of a raining season here in Uganda. It honestly amazes me how storms can literally come out of nowhere. It seems like at least every other evening it will just pour down rain.

rainbowThe storms sometimes provide some beautiful sights.

We're currently in the middle of finishing up a season of harvest and starting the next season of planting. Almost every place I visited this week seemed to be harvesting some kind of crop.

peanut harvestTuesday out at Restoration Gateway was full of g-nut (peanut) harvest.

harvesting soybeansWe harvested soybeans Wednesday with Walter, the head gardener at Barlonyo schools.

For the most part, harvesting both groundnuts and soybeans consisted of walking row to row pulling up plants. From there, the plants would dry for a few days. G-nuts would be plucked, and the soybeans would be hung up and beaten with a stick to drop their produce.

Along with harvest of our own, we had a field trip to Omer Farms to watch their harvest with the secondary agriculture classes at Restoration Gateway. We had 26 students tour the almost 10,000-acre production farm. The students were blown away with the use of tractors and combines, as they were able to witness corn and rice harvest on such a large scale.

large-scale production and harvestSome of the students saw large-scale production and harvest for the first time.

Toward the end of the week, Alexa and I got the chance to slip away and visit one of the nearby national parks. We took a riverboat safari down to one of the waterfalls on the Nile.

safari"I kind of feel like going on a safari."

I've learned this week that no time gets wasted from one planting season to the next here. With harvest in full swing, planting is in full swing too.

It's definitely an efficient mindset of being out with the old and in with the new.

About the Author

Ryan Danker is a 2017 Field of Hope intern working out of Lira, Uganda, this summer where he helps manage irrigation systems for Field of Hope’s partners. Danker is a senior agribusiness major at Oklahoma State University. He is originally from Wellston, Oklahoma.

Ryan Danker
Field of Hope Intern