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Headed to Uganda, Open to Adventure

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Posted Jul. 10, 2018

Here I go ... the planning, the worrying, the stress, the excitement, the thrill ... it's all on the ground while I'm in the sky.

Going into Oklahoma State University's Master of International Agriculture Program, I heard about this Uganda trip but never imagined I would have the opportunity to take it. I have combed through every previous intern's blog, read others' experiences and talked with people who've been on similar trips while attempting to prepare myself for this adventure.

However, no matter how many blogs, books or documentaries I study, the experience ahead will be uniquely mine. Somehow God has placed people and experiences in my way to get me on this plane. I think about all the other stories that are on the plane. The people next to me are returning home to Europe. Some are staying in Amsterdam. Some are here for business. Some are here for vacation.

It's likely that I will never see any of these people again; or maybe my future employer is on this plane and I don't know even know it, but God does. He knows all of it, and my tiny human mind can't begin to fathom the plans and the path that the Lord has for me on this trip.

So for now I am simply grateful for where I've gone and where I'm going. I praise the Lord for his faithfulness that extends greater than I ever deserve. Now I go with an open mind, a heart prepared to serve the Lord and hands prepared to serve the people.

Catherine prepares for departure for Uganda at the airport

About the Author

Catherine Rutan is a 2018 MIAP-Noble Fellow serving in agricultural development roles in Uganda. Rutan is from Spring, Texas, and is a student in the Master of International Agriculture Program at Oklahoma State University, where she focuses on international development. This fellowship is sponsored in part by the Noble Research Institute.

Catherine Rutan
2018 MIAP-Noble Fellow