A Noble Journey

The chicken or the egg

This week I felt like one of the main characters in Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds.'

Life lessons from a dead goat

I will be honest; being here is really hard. Africa is not for the faint of heart.

Hope for the future

I am hearing the word "potential" more and more often.

Long awaited journey

Today I leave for my journey as a Noble-Watoto Fellow with hopeful expectation.

A farewell to Uganda

I am so thankful I was able to have this wonderful opportunity and will miss Uganda dearly.

The wild side of Uganda

Uganda is home to some amazing wildlife, and the country works hard to protect these amazing creatures.

Silk in Uganda?

What I surprise I had when we went to the National Agricultural Research Organizations campus on Wednesday!

A visit with One Acre Fund

Monday I headed to Kamuli, a district northeast of Kampala to visit the One Acre Fund office and research farms.

Just kidding around

What a fun week I had at the goat farm. ... I not only got to learn how to milk a goat and a cow, I also got to see three kids born this week!

Agriculture on the road

This week I got to see a lot of different agricultural activities in Uganda.