Is Choice the New Select?

Having the opportunity to attend the Beef Improvement Federation Conference in Oklahoma City with the Noble Research Institute and some of the other Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture was a great experience. Not only did we enjoy the day, we also got to hear some of the current issues and problems different sectors of the beef industry are having.

Mules and Mud

Each day at the Noble Research Institute offers another opportunity to learn, as well as fosters an atmosphere for laughter. This past week at Oswalt ranch, we clambered onto the Kawasaki Mule and started off to find quail posts ... or so we thought.

Bringin' Home the Bacon

One of the best parts of being a summer scholar at the Noble Research Institute is all the amazing things you can take part in. The second week into our scholarnship, Summer, Anya and I all got to go with Dillon Payne and Josh Gaskamp to set up a hog trap.

Plants vs. Hope

Plants and I have an interesting history. Trees were only things to be climbed on days my mom had time for the emergency room (which thankfully was often), and vegetables in the garden gave up and died the moment I touched them.

All work and NO PLAY!

A summer scholarship with the Noble Research Institute is serious business. There's no rest for the weary when you have feral hogs to trap, plant taxonomy to learn, 5 a.m. cattle to work and an all-day softball tournament to attend.

First Week

Perhaps it's just the week that I started, but thus far my time at Noble has taught me that there will be no such thing as an ordinary week.

Mountains to Grasslands

Living on a farm teaches one a lot of things; for instance, that nature decides the present and future activities of each day. In my home state of Virginia, the mountains exhibit an air of majesty and power as they stand guard over the green rolling hills where the breeze rustles the tall grass.

Where's the Nuts?

My first couple of weeks as a summer scholar at the Noble Research Institute have allowed me to participate in a variety of activities, including those outside of my discipline.

Ready, Set, Go!

My first week at the Noble Research Institute in Ardmore, Okla., was great! After completing orientation, attending meetings and fulfilling HR requirements, our first experience as Lloyd Noble Scholars in Agriculture was being a part of the Pond Management Workshop and interacting with Noble wildlife specialists and local producers.

Here We Go!

Walking into the Noble Research Institute, I had few expectations beyond learning a tremendous amount and a melting summer (we Southern Oregonians are something of weather wimps).