1. Annual Report
  2. 2018

What Noble Means To Me

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Being “Noble” is a way of life at Noble Research Institute. Here is what members of Team Noble have to say about it:


“Being Noble means knowing that in some small way, I am part of a team that exists solely for the purpose of assisting resource managers to be more sustainable in their enterprise.”
—Devlon Ford
Cattle and Technology Research Associate


“To me, Noble means generosity that is so bountiful that it inspires you each day to pay it forward.”
—Elison Blancaflor, Ph.D.
Professor, Plant Cell Biology


“Being Noble means helping others in work and in the community. It means following in the footsteps of our founder, Lloyd Noble, by doing well, wholeheartedly.”
—Brook Gaskamp
Adult Education Associate


“Being Noble, to me, is about service with a smile, being willing and available to help others, learning and accepting challenges, and doing everything I can to promote our mission and vision.
—Liz Aldridge
Executive Assistant to the CEO


“To me, it means helping land managers be better stewards of the world’s resources. We all love and depend on the land where we live. If I can help people improve their natural resources, society benefits as a whole. If I can play a small part in improving our natural resources, I know I have succeeded in my career.”
—Will Moseley
Wildlife and Fisheries Consultant

Building a Strong Foundation


Lloyd Noble established Noble Research Institute (originally named The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation) in 1945 to help revitalize agriculture after the Dust Bowl. Noble charged his new institution with benefiting mankind by assisting agricultural producers.

The organization's early efforts focused on educating and encouraging area farmers and ranchers to practice land stewardship and resource conservation. Noble knew that proper soil management would help prevent another Dust Bowl and ultimately secure the land for future generations.

While each era brings a unique set of challenges and equally novel solutions, Noble Research Institute's purpose remains steadfast — safeguard the soil and help agricultural producers advance land stewardship practices.