1. Annual Report
  2. 2018

Those Who Are Noble

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Noble people do not seek the spotlight. They quietly express their values and work ethic without need of being recognized, but their example proves to be an inspiration to those around them. When asked who embodies the value of being noble, Noble employees shared the following about their co-workers.


Carolyn Young, Ph.D.
Professor, Mycology

Carolyn gives outstanding community service in the areas of outreach, such as education and journal leadership. Stepping forward to be the editor-in-chief of a new scientific journal is a daunting prospect, which takes courage, energy and commitment — all which are attributes of Noble’s core values.”

—Michael Udvardi, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer


Billy Phelps
Communications and Collaborative Technology Coordinator

Billy’s service to this organization is tremendous. He is always willing to help someone whether it is for work or personal needs, no matter the circumstance.”

—Andrew Bancroft
Data Technologies Supervisor


Barbara Nova-Franco, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

Barbara is very active and helpful in serving the postdoctoral group. She’s been an advocate for additional development and training opportunities for the group. In addition, she initiated and coordinated Noble relief efforts after the central Mexico earthquake in 2017.”

—Jeremey Bell
Senior Human Resources Generalist


Alex Marris
Glass Washer

Alex is the quiet engine of Noble. He has an interest in all of the equipment and people in each lab. He has learned all about the inner workings of the equipment he uses and has been able to provide valuable input and advice to researchers on multiple occasions. He’s always busy, and his ‘pastoral care’ is most impressive. He befriends new staff, particularly international ones. He often helps them move in and out of their houses and is a frequent participant in social activities off-campus for the summer scholars and others.”

—David McSweeney
Biosafety and Greenhouse Research Manager


Perdeep Mehta, Ph.D.
Scientific Computing Manager

Perdeep is one of the most generous people you will ever meet, and it bubbles up from the deepest part of who he is. He is a passionate advocate for our researchers and will dig deep to find solutions to challenges they are facing, long after others have given up. He is often quiet and lets others have the spotlight; he prefers instead to be a connector of people and takes a service-oriented leadership role in his approach to work. His smile and laugh will leave you feeling like you are truly blessed to be alive in that very moment. What better way to be Noble than to better mankind one interaction at a time?”

—Melanie Davis
Director of Enterprise Systems and Informatics


Gayle Donica
Human Resources Manager

Gayle’s genuine spirit comes through with every interaction. She is generous with her time, listens, encourages and demonstrates great empathy for others. Employees seek her counsel and her friendship. She is a rock; she takes on work, regardless of if it is routine, complex or last minute; and her response is ‘we can do it’ with a smile on her face. Beyond Gayle’s diligence on behalf of Noble, she actively serves in her church and other nonprofits in the community. She is attentive to her parents, supports her husband on their ranch, and raised four great kids.”

—Teal Pemberton
Director of Human Resources