1. Annual Report
  2. 2018

A Bright Future For Agriculture And Science

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Today’s youth are tomorrow’s decision makers, consumers, educators, agricultural producers, scientists and policymakers. Noble Learning seeks to provide these young minds and their teachers with opportunities to learn about agriculture and the science behind it. Connecting students and teachers with Noble’s researchers and agricultural experts, as well as educational partners, fosters appreciation for the land and its caretakers, and opens eyes to endless career possibilities.

Boy in lab coat and safety glasses holds a ball of ice.

Girls in lab coats and safety glasses working with test tubes.

Classroom Visits

Students examine greenhouse plants.

Two girls examine earthworms.

Children engage in a group science activity.

total student and teacher impressions
across all events and activities

Girl having fun with her friends at an education event.

Teens use virtual reality headset to learn about science and agriculture.

Area Teachers Attended 19 professional development workshops

Science trunks shipped to classrooms in California, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Oregon

Teens look through microscopes.

Girl working with robot at botbal challenge.

Teens measuring tree growth.