1. Annual Report
  2. 2017

Financial Report 2017

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Statement of Financial Position

AssetsAs of Dec. 31, 2017
Cash $3,088,205
Investments 9,791,528
Accounts receivable and other assets 2,113,328
Grants receivable 53,250,000
Prepaid expenses 777,108
Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation of $97,369,201 129,806,691
Total Assets$198,826,860
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $3,570,442
Notes payable 6,132,178
Liability for Pension and Post-retirement Medical Benefits 21,837,875
Total Liabilities$31,540,495
Net Assets 
Unrestricted $167,286,365
Total Net Assets $167,286,365
Total Net Assets and Liabilities $198,826,860

Statement of Activities

Revenues, Gains and LossesYear Ended 2017
Interest $1,069,318
Dividends 2,263,400
Net realized and unrealized gains on investments 15,264,395
Grant revenue 79,250,000
Other miscellaneous program and royalty income 6,592,208
Total Revenues, Gains and Losses 104,439,321
Operations 57,449,866
Grants 1,706,213
Management and administrative 5,027,530
Provision for federal excise taxes 361,572
Total Expenses 64,545,181
Revenues, Gains and Losses in excess of expenses39,894,140
Pension and post-retirement medical-related changes other than net periodic costs 1,912,225
Change in net assets from operations$41,806,365