1. Annual Report
  2. 2017

2017 Institutional Governance

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The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, as the member/manager of the Noble Research Institute, and the employees of Noble Research Institute acknowledge and agree that the following principles apply to our association with and the activities we conduct on behalf of the Noble Research Institute:

  1. The Noble Research Institute exists because of the vision and generosity of our founder, Lloyd Noble.
  2. We are stewards of the resources and the vision of Lloyd Noble.
  3. Our conduct will be fair and honest, and our activities will adhere to the purposes for which the Noble Research Institute was established.

Role of the Member/Manager

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation serves as the sole member/manager of the Noble Research Institute, LLC, an Oklahoma, nonprofit single-member limited liability company.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation provides the leadership for the Noble Research Institute to carry out its charitable purposes, act as a good steward of its resources, and conduct and support its activities in accordance with the vision of founder Lloyd Noble. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation further directs management to formalize and implement the Noble Research Institute’s strategic plan.

Corporate Documents

The organization’s current articles of organization and operating agreement can be found at noble.org/about/governance.

Annual Internal Revenue Service Informational Return

Noble Research Institute, LLC annually files a 990-PF informational return with the Internal Revenue Service. The Noble Research Institute’s current 990-PF may be downloaded at noble.org/about/governance.*

Historical returns for the Noble Research Institute are available at guidestar.org.

*The 2016 990-PF details the assets, expenditures and activities of Noble Research Institute, LLC Noble Research Institute, LLC is the successor-by-conversion of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, LLC, effective May 1, 2017.

Board of Directors | 01

D. Randolph Brown Jr., M.D.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Susan Brown
Dallas, Texas

James Day*
Houston, Texas

Jim Day
Sugar Land, Texas

Sam DuBose
Atlanta, Georgia

Vivian Noble DuBose
Atlanta, Georgia

Bill Goddard
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Ginger Heckman*
Atlanta, Georgia

Jessie Nance
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Cody Noble
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Russell Noble
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Marianne Rooney
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Patrick Rooney*
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jack Waldo*
Little Rock, Arkansas

Stephen F. Young
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

*Advisory board member

Leadership Team | 02

Bill Buckner
President and Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth Aldridge
Corporate Secretary and Executive Assistant to the President

Hugh Aljoe
Director of Producer Relations

J. Adam Calaway
Director of Communications and Public Relations

Charlie Canny
Director of Facilities

Alexis Carter-Black
Director of Development and State-Community Relations

Billy Cook, Ph.D.
Director of Agricultural Systems, Research and Technology

Melanie Davis
Director of Computing Services

Jeff Moen
Director of Strategic Alliances

M. Teal Pemberton
Director of Human Resources

Steven Rhines
Vice President, General Counsel and Director of Public Affairs

Michael Udvardi, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

A. Jill Wallace
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Zengyu Wang, Ph.D.
Director of Core Research and Transformation

Nonresident Fellows | 03

The Nonresident Fellows program brings together a distinguished panel of scientists, researchers and industry leaders to assist the Noble Research Institute. These outside reviewers perform candid examinations of programs, offer objective advice and guidance, and provide fresh perspectives.

John Butler
Beef Marketing Group (BMG)

James Grimsley

Sarah Hake, Ph.D.
University of California-Berkeley

Shawn Kaeppler, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jimmy W. Kinder
Kinder Farms

Kendall R. Lamkey, Ph.D.
Iowa State University

Jonathan Lynch, Ph.D.
Penn State University

Scott Pegg, Ph.D.
Gladstone Institutes

Chip Ramsey
Rex Ranch

Lynn Sollenberger, Ph.D.
University of Florida

Gary Stacey, Ph.D.
University of Missouri

Cary Thomas
The Scripps Research Institute

Barbara Valent, Ph.D.
Kansas State University

Tom Woodward, Ph.D.
Woodward Cattle Company

Acknowledgements | 04

Bill Buckner
President and CEO

J. Adam Calaway

Rachael Davis
Graphic Designer

Courtney Leeper
Copy Editor/Writer

Rob Mattson

Tim Woodruff
Web Version

Sarah Richardson
Financial Report


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Ardmore, OK 73401

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