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Agricultural Testing Services: Leaf Sampling

Reasons for Leaf Testing

The most reliable indicator of pecan or fruit tree fertility is the foliage. A chemical analysis can save money on fertilizer, but the sample must be taken correctly and at the proper time (July 15 ± 10 days).

Collecting Samples

Each sample should represent soil and a uniform set of trees or management practices. Different orchards and soils should be sampled separately. Procedures for taking a leaf sample and information form are located in the Plant Nutrient Analysis Information Sheet. For additional information on collecting samples, view the How to Take a Pecan Leaf Test video.

Mailing Information

  1. Write sample name and crop ID on bag. Sample ID is important for identification during the laboratory process, especially when more than one sample is submitted. Testing takes approximately seven to 10 working days from the time we receive your shipment.
  2. Be sure the name, address and sample ID on the information sheet correspond to information on the bag. Please give information on the pecan or fruit variety.
  3. Do not send cash or check. You will be billed by our contract laboratory and can remit payment back to them. Cost of testing is located in the Test Analysis Pricing Sheet.