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Center for Pecan and Specialty Agriculture

The Center for Pecan and Specialty Agriculture (CPSA) conducts research and demonstrations that will enhance production as well as educate producers and the community on opportunities in specialty agriculture.

CPSA defines specialty agriculture as food production that can be achieved on almost any acreage, regardless of size. Specialty agriculture is a combination of crops like fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, horticulture, and nursery crops, as well as small-scale animal production including cattle, swine, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits and fish. These operations can range from a few tomato plants in a small backyard to a large, full-scale commercial pecan orchard.

The focus of the CPSA is to conduct research into specialty agriculture crops and to demonstrate different systems that producers can incorporate into their operations. The CPSA works alongside the producer relations program and Noble Academy, as well as outside organizations, to educate producers, consumers and youth.

Focus Areas

  • Community gardens and orchards
  • Noble Learning Center
  • Pecan research
  • Pecan orchard management
  • Pecan and specialty agriculture consultation
  • Pecan and specialty agriculture workshops, seminars and other educational events
  • Pollinators
  • Protected agriculture (high tunnel hoop house systems)
  • Specialty agriculture production systems research and demonstration (small ruminants, fruits and vegetables, organic and conventional)
  • Technology deployment for pecan and specialty agriculture