1. Agriculture
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Center for Advanced Agricultural Systems and Technology

The Center for Advanced Agricultural Systems and Technology (CAAST) seeks to provide the information, tools, technologies and training needed for agricultural producers to adopt science-based, best practices to enhance management and sustainability of agricultural systems.

CAAST conducts agricultural research, much of which is based on questions producers have asked Noble Foundation consultants about real-life situations happening on their operations. Therefore, research is conducted with the awareness that one production area will impact many others.

Collaboration with groups at the Noble Foundation and beyond helps provide producers with the best advice and solutions possible.

Technology development and testing is an important function of CAAST. While new technologies can be excellent tools for agricultural producers, they can be expensive to adopt. CAAST will test these new technologies on Noble Foundation farms and ranches and work with the producer relations program to help agricultural producers effectively apply them.

Focus Areas

  • Cattle management and marketing
  • Forage agronomy (including introduced pasture, cover crops and tillage practices)
  • Range ecology and management (including brush management and prescribed fire)
  • Soil health
  • Technology deployment