Cover Crop News

2016 Archive

Grazing cover crops requires management and balance

Mixed-species forage crops can have similar benefits as traditional cover crops.

Increased crop residue provides production, cost benefits

Benefits to managing for increased residue include reduced soil erosion and equipment costs.

Herbicide choices affect cover crop options, management

Do not let the wrong herbicide and cover crop combination diminish the opportunity for great value.

Plots evaluate cover crops in warm-season perennial pastures

In fall 2014, we began demonstration plots of various cover crops overseeded into warm-season perennial grass pastures.

Research shows economics of pasture conversion

Benefits of nativegrass mixtures on the Southern Great Plains have increased interest in effective methods of converting improved pastureland areas to nativegrass pastures.

Niche market opportunities emerge for rye

There are three emerging niche uses for rye of which farmers in the region should be aware.

Organic matter serves important role in soil health

The contributions of soil organic matter and how to maintain or increase it.