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Agricultural Tools

Flash Player is required for use of our Flash-based calculators. Click on Help within those calculator for instructions and additional information.

 Aeuromycin 50 Calculator
This calculator helps producers figure the amount of Aeuromycin 50 to add to a ration to achieve a desired intake rate, or evaluate a pre-mixed feed to determine intake of CTC.

 BCS Change Calculator
This calculator will help producers understand how much weight cows need to gain or lose to move from their current body condition score (BCS) to a desired BCS. Typically, producers will want to calve their cows in a BCS of 5.5 or higher.

 Boom Sprayer Calibration
This calculator determines gallons per acre applied by boom sprayer. These sprayers are suitable for pre-plant, pre-emergence or post-emergence applications in cropland, pastures and rangeland.

 Boomless Sprayer Calibration
4 ratings:
This calculator determines the gallons per acre applied by a broadcast sprayer equipped boomless or brush type nozzles.

 Bovatec 68 Calculator
This calculator helps producers figure the amount of Bovatec 68 to add to a ration to achieve a desired intake rate, or evaluate a pre-mixed feed to determine intake of lasalocid.

 Breeding Season Calculator
11 ratings:
This tool is useful if you know when you will turn out bulls and want to know when to expect calving.

 Calving Season Calculator
This tool calculates the variables of calving season, such as when to turn the bulls in and out; gestation length is customizable.

 Carrying Capacity Calculator
5 ratings:
This calculator will allow you to estimate the proper carrying capacity for a desired period of grazing.

 Cow Calf Net Return (spreadsheet)
This tool is used by producers to determine their costs and revenue per cow. Several managment decisions can be drawn by the results.

 Deer Spotlight Survey Calculator
3 ratings:
A tool to interpret data from a deer spotlight survey such as sex ratio, population composition and deer density.

 Drug Withdrawal Calculator
This tool calculates when animals are clear for slaughter.

 Dry Fertilizer Calculator
9 ratings:
This calculator is for use with soil test results that will allow you to compare prices and furnish spread rates. Enter the price of fertilizer in your area, your acreage and N-P-K needed (from your soil test recommendation).

 Feed Intake Calculator
This tool calculates the dry matter intake of an animal. It also calculates the actual amount to feed if you know the desired dry matter intake and content of the feed.

 Feed Library
This feed library was created to assist livestock producers in finding and researching feed ingredient options for use in their operations. The data in the database may be used as a general guide; however, the specific values shown represent averages. Feed properties are variable, and actual values for a specific feed ingredient may be higher or lower than that shown in this database.

 Fertigation Injection Schedule
This interactive schedule enables a grower to determine the amount of a soluble fertilizer to apply to a selected vegetable crop via the drip irrigation system for any total length of bed (row) at any given week of the growing season.

 Frame Score Calculator
This calculator helps producers determine the frame score of beef cattle. From frame score, mature weight as well as equivalent steer finished or slaughter weight can be estimated. Frame score and final weight dramatically affect the efficiency of beef production.

 Grazing Cycle Calculator
This calculator will allow you to estimate the number of days to graze a pasture for a desired grazing cycle. It is simply a measure of forage supply relative to the entire grazing unit. To be used if you are attempting to estimate the grazing period of a known grazing cycle.

 Hay Days Available Calculator
This calculator allows cooperators to inventory hay supplies on hand and predict the number of days available for either limit feeding or full feeding hay. The cooperator can also use this to back calculate hay demand.

 Hay Hauling Calculator
The hay hauling calculator allows you to estimate the total cost of purchasing and transporting hay. Users have the flexibility to calculate total cost per bale or total cost per ton. Users can also specify the number of bales able to be hauled per load.

 Hay Ring Waste Calculator
This calculator will allow you to determine the amount of hay that is wasted cattle from various hay ring feeder types on a per bale, monthly and annual basis. Additionally, by including the cost of a bale of hay and how many bales are typically fed in a month, the calculator will determine the total cost of the wasted hay to evaluate if the purchase of a more efficient feeder is plausible.

 Heifer Development Calculator
This calculator helps determine the ADG required to achieve goals when developing replacement heifers for breeding. Achieving adequate weight at breeding is critical to achieving high conception rates in yearling heifers.

 Heifer Synchronization Calculator
This tool calculates dates and times for all the management steps associated with the CoSynch+CIDR AI breeding program.

 Interactive Deer Jaw Aging Quiz
Aging white-tailed deer can be an enjoyable and informative exercise. Estimating ages of harvested deer is usually an important part of deer management. Given adequate sample sizes, management programs can be evaluated by looking at age-specific herd health information such as body weights and antler characteristics. However, our ability to accurately age deer is limited.

 Lime Calculator
3 ratings:
This calculator figures the amount of lime needed based on soil test report values.

 Net Energy Conversion Calculator
This calculator estimates the metabolizable energy, net energy for maintenance, and net energy for gain of a feed if you know the feed's TDN value.

 Orchard Sprayer Calibration
This calculator determines the gallons per acre applied by an air blast or fan sprayer.

 Overhead Bulk Feed Bin Calculator
This tool is used to evaluate the feasibility of purchasing an overhead feed bin and truck mounted feeder for feed storage and feeding of cattle. Cost savings are typically associated between purchasing of bagged vs bulk feed, as well as, the ability to purchase by-product feeds in bulk compared to bulk range cubes.

 Payment Calculator
3 ratings:
This tool calculates payments based on the number of pay periods and the total payment of a loan and generates a payment schedule via email.

 Pearson Square Calculator
This calculator is used to balance rations. Two ingredients of known nutrient content, crude protein for example, are input. The desired nutrient content of the blend is entered, and the percentage of each ingredient (on a dry matter basis) needed to create the desired blend is calculated.

 Pecan Tree Evaluation Calculator
The productivity of a pecan orchard is based on many factors, but arguably the most important is the cross-sectional square feet of trunk area per acre. Cross-sectional square feet of trunk area per acre is the sum of the trunk sizes of the trees per acre.

 Planter Calibration Calculator
This tool calculates the approximate number of seeds per acre and number of pounds per acre that a planter is set to deliver.

 Pond Fish Stocking Calculator
This calculator is to be used for stocking small fingerling (1-3 inches long) largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish (when applicable) and/or channel catfish into ponds that will not be supplementally fed.

 Protein Supplement Calculator
Many times cows will need a protein supplement during the winter feeding period. The most important thing to do, the producer must determine the price per pound of available crude protein for each option. The producer should then select the most economical supplement. Labor considerations can also be factored.

 Reserve Herd Days Calculator
This calculator will allow you to estimate the days available for grazing in a pasture.

 Rumensin 80 Conversion Calculator
This calculates levels of monensin and Rumensin 80 to include in rations for cattle.

 Value of Gain Calculator
This tool calculates the value of the gain of an animal. Supplement conversion calculates the cost on a per lb of additional gain basis of using a feed supplement.

 Value of Weathered Hay Calculator
This calculator enables the producer to determine the actual value of hay in a round bale after taking into account the depth of weathered hay that is low quality and inedible. An additional use of this tool is to determine the additional amount of hay that is required by the cow herd to meet intake requirements, accounting for weathered hay.

 White-tailed Deer Field-dressed/Whole Weight Converter
This calculator determines whole or field-dressed weight estimates for white-tailed deer using the corresponding available weight.

The calculators and their output are provided for general reference only. The calculators use publicly available information as a basis for its calculations, such information may change over time. Further, specific circumstances or conditions could affect the accuracy and usefulness of any calculator output. Users assume the risk of using or otherwise relying upon any calculator output.

The Noble Foundation does not warrant the functionality of the calculators or that any errors can or will be discovered or corrected. The Noble Foundation does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any calculator output. The calculators, their operation and any output is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranty, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The Noble Foundation shall not be bound by any calculator output and is not responsible for use or reliance on such output.