The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.

Noble Researchers

Jon Biermacher, Ph.D.
center for economic information & analysis manager
Farm management and agricultural economics
Plant cell biology
Rujin Chen, Ph.D.
associate professor
Plant molecular biology and genetics
Billy Cook, Ph.D.
senior vice president & division director
Kelly Craven, Ph.D.
associate professor
Tropic responses and red-ox signaling in fungi and endophyte-grass symbiosis
Maria Monteros, Ph.D.
associate professor
Forage legume improvement and genomics
Molecular plant-microbe interactions
Rick Nelson, Ph.D.
professor & research administrator
Molecular and cellular biology of virus movement in plants
James Rogers, Ph.D.
assistant professor
Pasture, range management
Charles Rohla, Ph.D.
center for specialty ag manager
Horticulture, pecans
Malay Saha, Ph.D.
associate professor
molecular markers
Macronutrient use efficiency and signaling
Large-scale biochemical profiling
Michael Udvardi, Ph.D.
senior vice president & division director
Plant functional genomics
Zengyu Wang, Ph.D.
senior vice president & division director
genetic transformation
Carolyn Young, Ph.D.
associate professor
mycology and plant pathology
Patrick Zhao, Ph.D.
associate professor
Bioinformatics and plant genomics