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Lindsay rancher receives 2012 Leonard Wyatt award

Issued - August 01, 2012

ARDMORE, Okla. — The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation presented Kent Moore with the Leonard Wyatt Memorial Outstanding Cooperator Award during a special presentation today at the organization's all-employee meeting.

The Leonard Wyatt Memorial Outstanding Cooperator Award is given annually to one of the 1,400 farmers and ranchers who work with the Noble Foundation's Agricultural Division. As part of its mission, the organization provides farmers, ranchers and other land managers - called cooperators - with no-cost consultation services and educational programs in an effort to help them achieve their financial, production, stewardship and quality-of-life goals.

Criteria for the Leonard Wyatt Memorial Outstanding Cooperator Award are based on accomplishments within the farmer or rancher's operation, their community service and their willingness to assist other producers, said Billy Cook, senior vice president and director of the Agricultural Division.

"One of Kent’s strongest suits is consistency. He does the fundamentals well and on time," said Eddie Funderburg, senior consultant. "He pays close attention to details and is not afraid to try new methods and adopt new technologies."

Kent Moore and his wife, Duchess, live in Lindsay, Okla., and own the Diamond K Cattle Company, a commercial stocker operation with more than 1,000 head of cattle on 2,000 acres of wheat, ryegrass and native pasture.

"With the knowledge the Noble Foundation has given me, the quality of my stockers and pastures has improved dramatically," Moore said. "I always knew I wanted to be a cowboy and run cattle in this country, but you also have to be part farmer. If I didn’t have the consultants to guide me, I would have done everything by trial and error, not knowing fully what to do."

In 1960, Moore decided to break into the cattle business. He met renowned cattleman Leonard Wyatt and they became friends. Wanting to be successful, he figured he would just do what Wyatt was doing. Moore soon learned that all Wyatt’s information was coming from the Noble Foundation. In 1982, Moore came to the Noble Foundation, and the consultants initially helped him transition from broomcorn to rye and wheat for stocker cattle use.

"What’s great about the Noble Foundation is they never tell you what to do," Moore said. "You set your goals, and they try everything to help you get there. They reinforce your ideas. They are that knowledgeable friend you turn to when you need help. I’d hate to think what I’d do if I didn’t have them to call on."

His drive to improve the land he manages is apparent to those around him. "He often begins our recommendation while we are still on a farm visit," Funderburg said. "We'll turn around and Kent will be on the phone arranging to have a recommended activity carried out as we depart."

Moore is known for being a beloved member of the Lindsay community. His passion for ranching propelled him to become an industry advocate and leader. He helped found the Working Ranch Cowboy Association. He has also served in leadership positions for the Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association where he helped found the Range Round Up, a charity event supporting the Children’s Miracle Network, and the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association.

"Working with the Noble Foundation has been good from the beginning," he said. “When Lloyd Noble put the Foundation together, he couldn’t have had any idea of its impact on agriculture, on the producers. Every consultant I worked with through the years has helped make me successful. Anytime I had a question or a plan that I thought was feasible, they’d give me their opinion.”

As winners of the Leonard Wyatt Memorial Outstanding Cooperator Award, Moore will receive a plaque and belt buckle; his wife, Duchess, will receive a bracelet. Their names will be placed on a permanent plaque that is displayed in the Agricultural Division Building lobby on the Noble Foundation's Ardmore campus.

Kent Moore and his wife, Duchess, receive the 2012 Leonard Wyatt Outstanding Cooperator Memorial Award at today’s Noble Foundation all-employee meeting. The Moores have ranched near Lindsay, Okla., for more than 50 years.


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