Drought Information: Webinars

The New Normal: Rainfall Trends in Oklahoma

by Chuck Coffey
Senior Pasture and Range Consultant for the Noble Foundation, Chuck Coffey, discusses work he has done examining rainfall and drought patterns in the Southern Great Plains – particularly in Oklahoma.

Drought Management

by Deke Alkire
This presentation describes drought management action steps for cow calf producers. It includes tips for early weaning, calculating reserve herd days and culling strategies.

Feed Crisis Where is It Going?

by Dan Childs
This presentation summarizes what can be expected for future corn and hay prices based on current crop conditions and weather forecasts. Events leading up to the current situation are reviewed. Rainfall and temperature predictions for the next three months are discussed and what impact the conditions will have on future corn and hay supplies and price. The presentation concludes with suggestions for managing through these difficult times.

Market Outlook

by Job Springer
This presentation discusses two ranch management decisions that need to be made by cattle producers in Texas and Oklahoma due to the drought. Pasture conditions across both states are poor to very poor and the decision of whether to liquidate the herd and sell un-weaned calves is inevitable.

Pasture Management during Extreme Drought

by Hugh Aljoe
This presentation addresses pasture management options this fall for drought stressed pastures. Specific topics include NF calculators to assist producers in determining their forage reserves (both pasture and hay) for their cattle, fall options for enhancing perennial grass production and establishing winter annuals, and management considerations this fall and next spring to improve pasture recovery after this year's drought.

Tax Consequences of Livestock Sales Because of Weather-Related Conditions

by Dan Childs
This presentation explains the two choices livestock producers have concerning reporting the sale of livestock sold above normal numbers because of drought conditions. One option relates to the sale of breeding animals while the other pertains to all classes of livestock. Under certain conditions gain can be deferred to a future year allowing a producer to better manage taxable income.